There are so many options to choose from when it comes to the email add-ons that you can use. Just like when you play online casino games, you get a variety of games to choose from. The same applies to email add-ons; you should be able to choose one that works best for your email needs.
When you are using Cloudways, you get many different add-ons that are related to email. Below, we will explain each and every one of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your personal or business needs.

Transactional Email

When it comes to transaction emails, they are triggered by actions that the user makes. These include anything from password reset link to shipping confirmation or notifications activation.
This means that the email will leave the server or application in bulk to the users.
For safe email delivery, we suggest that you use a third party service. This is because cloud servers are not usually reliable when it comes to this.
The best add-on for this is the Elastic Email add-on. We have a free SMTP Add-on that you can use to configure this add-on. You should also note that you may be charged by third party services.


If you desire to have mailboxes for your domain, such as [email protected], Cloudways has discounted rates, having partnered with Rackspace. All you will have to do is sign up for the Rackspace Email Add-on. You will also have to specify how many mailboxes you require.

Email Add-on FAQ

Is it possible to use both the free SMTP Add-on and the Elastic Email Add-on on one server?

No, you cannot. You will only be able to use one transactional email add-on on the same server. That means you will have to choose between a third party SMTP add-on or the Elastic Email Add-on.

Can I use the same transactional email service for different sender email address for many applications?

Definitely! You will just have to configure at your application level. You also have to make sure that you verify the sender email address for the different applications. This is done by adding a DKIM TXT and SPF record at your domain. This is accessed through the registrar’s DNS management panel.

Is it possible to use an SMTP Add-on with Rackspace?

It should be noted that Rackspace is only configured to limit the number of outgoing emails. Therefore, it is not suitable for automated transactional emails.

Why do emails I send from my application going to the spam folder of my users?

Make sure that you set the sender address for your domain, as well as the “From” header, correctly. That way, the correct SPF and DKIM DNS records will be configured on your domain registrar.

Am I able to use different transactional email providers for many applications on one server?

You are only able to do this by using specific extensions or plugins on your application.

Am I able to use SMTP port 25 for outgoing emails?

Unfortunately, cloud hosting providers block these emails by default. Therefore, we suggest that you use port 587 or 2525.